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So very many times have we been showered with the constant droning rhetoric of the virtue of honesty, it sometimes gets sickening. We humans, after all, are deceptive creatures, given to creating our own, false worlds around us and presenting them to others in lieu of the truth. However, just as honesty to another is truly the best policy, so is honesty to oneself. And thus, I have in the past been forced to confront what I first thought were two mutually exclusive viewpoints of mine; my public (and very much genuine) support of feminism in almost all its forms, and my secret little love of bondage and domination as a straight male human. After some thought and discussion with the few very close friends of mine that are currently privy to my secret self, I have decided that I may not just be the most perfect example of doublethink since Fox News.

First of all, some ground rules.

I absolutely, completely, most certainly do not support the actual treatment of any human being, man or woman, as my stories have portrayed. These stories were born as sexual fantasies, and shall die as them as well. There's nothing wrong with enjoying them, after all we can't help it if we do, but it's still quite important to differentiate between fiction and reality. FIRST AND FOREMOST, sane, informed consent is the very foundation and essence of ethical BDSM practice. Without it, such behavior devolves from a sophisticated, philosophical exploration of human sexuality all the way down to the most pathetically primitive instances of subhuman practice, mere millimeters above wanton murder. Here is a breakdown of how I feel towards sexual practices and treatment of women (and men) without this foundation.

Real disrespect -> Douchebag
Real disdain -> Asshole
Real sexual harassment -> Pathetic piece of shit
Real molestation -> Pitiful fuckwad
Real abuse -> 100% Bona-fide cunt
Real rape -> The worst, most toxic scum of this Earth to ever crawl out of their piles of rotting corpses and festering bodily excretions

Yep. My stories are a way to deal with the more disturbing thoughts that pop into my head, and perhaps help others as well. So long as we all understand this, I hope we can have a wonderful time with our delightful, dreamy, demure damsels (and perhaps occasionally dudes) in distress! If you've managed to make it this far without having your mood so spoiled, then I thank you very much, and I wish upon you a healthy, happy life, inside and outside the playroom. Farewell for now!



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